Functions of the Investigations Section

Under Section 10 (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act (CPA) the Investigations Section;

  1. investigates any alleged or suspected offence under the CPA
  2. investigates any offence under any written law disclosed in the course of investigating any alleged or suspected corrupt offence
  3. investigates the conduct of any public officer which in the opinion of the Bureau may be connected with or conducive to corrupt practices and
  4. inquires into any matter in relation to the exercise of its other functions

Table 1. Statistics for the Investigation Section.

YearComplaints ReceivedComplaints Authorized for InvestigationsCompleted InvestigationsCases Recommended for Prosecution

Notethe completed investigations are not only those authorized in the year under report but also from authorized investigations of previous years.HOW TO REPORT CORRUPTION
If You Are Confronted With Any Attempt To Corrupt You, the ACB advises you to take the following action:

  • Ascertain the identity and address of the person offering the bribes.
  • Identify the reason for which the bribe is being offered.
  • Do not accept the bribe or indicate definite acceptance of the bribe at this stage.
  • If it is possible to do so without creating suspicion, arrange for a witness to be present during the incident
  • As soon as possible after the person has gone, make a written record of what took place, with particular reference to the conversation in direct speech, as far as it may be recalled. Include the date and time during which the incident took place, sign the record, and enter the date and time when it was written.
  • Get in touch with an officer of the ACB as soon as possible and in any case within twenty-four (24) hours of the event.
  • Cooperate with the ACC Officer in the next stages of investigations of the incident.